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Roche is one of the world’s leading research-focused healthcare groups and consistently one of the fastest-growing
pharma companies in the UK. That success is built on innovation, curiosity and diversity, and on seeing each other’s
differences as an advantage. Our performance culture offers opportunities for professional and personal growth. At Roche, you influence your own
development. We all recognise that a job description is not a finite definition of who you are, but a starting point. That’s why a position at Roche is always a development opportunity.
Our culture offers the freedom for colleagues to express themselves in an open and respectful environment. Employees
don’t just feel empowered, they act on it. Our evolving business needs create numerous job and career opportunities,
with the result that people often stay here longer because they have the freedom to move roles, taking advantage of new
Our corporate principles single out the importance of respect. To keep innovating and constantly challenge and
strengthen each other’s ideas requires an environment where professionalism and respect for individual rights and
dignity are never compromised.