Top 5 job search tips

Looking for a job can be a full-time job in itself but with PharmaJobs’ top 5 tips for efficient and effective job searching, you won’t miss out on the best roles.



The idea might make you cringe, but people talk and there may be a job perfect for you that someone you know knows about, that hasn’t yet been advertised. Many people actually end up finding and getting the pick of the roles by talking to friends, calling on contacts, and reconnecting with former colleagues and their networks.


The Law of Attraction

You can spend hours searching for jobs online but have you thought about getting them to come to you? Post your CV online and send it out to recruiters, who will do the work for you.


On target

Don’t just look for a job, any job, that suits your skills and experience. Research the companies that you really want to work for; look at their history, their areas of focus, their projects, their pipeline, their company culture, and most importantly, find out what they’re like to work for from people who work there. Target those companies and hone your CV to match the sort of people they’re looking for.


Hide and seek

Lots of jobs can be found before they’re advertised. If you’re already working at a company you like, keep your ear to the ground for news of internal vacancies and make your interest known before they’re made public. If you’re looking for your first job or for a new challenge, remember the advice about networking; ask around and make it known that you’re looking and someone may just come up trumps with a job that’s not been advertised yet.


Keep smiling

Searching for a job can be tough and everyone experiences rejection at some point in their lives. But use setbacks to your advantage by learning from your mistakes and don’t be disheartened if you don’t even get a response from an application or two. Keep positive and see the process as a journey to getting the job that is right for you.


Good luck!

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